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Adore Duet was formed by Violinist Andrew Lynn and Cellist Ying Liao, two professional musicians who have been performing in the Columbia, South Carolina for the past eight years.  Andrew and Ying are a married couple themselves, after planning for their own wedding they understood how overwhelming and complicated hiring wedding services can be.  Adore Duet is committed to making the process of booking musicians and choosing music for your ceremony as simple as possible.

Professional Musicians:

Adore Duet is more than just a wedding duo, they are a network of professional musicians from across South Carolina.  All of their musicians are highly skilled and are active members of professional orchestras.  Andrew and Ying, the original members are professors at the Newberry College School of Music and tenured musicians with the South Carolina Philharmonic.

Reasonable Pricing:

Adore Duet is always willing to help you find the musical services you need, that best fit your budget.  Like all other wedding professional services, you the client are provided with a contract to ensure and guarantee that you will receive the services that you are looking for.

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